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For generations, fiber has been associated with regularity; scientific research supports this important dietary function of fiber as well as other significant health benefits. GNLD’s All-Natural Fiber Food and Drink Mix is a tasty and convenient beverage providing 8 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber in each serving, and especially rich in oat fiber, which is shown by research to particularly support heart health.



The average person consumes only HALF the dietary fiber needed for long-term good health.

Boosting fiber intake can help maintain regularity naturally, without habit-forming drugs.

Increased fiber intake with meals can help you feel fuller and lose weight safely and naturally.



■ Complete fiber. All-Natural Fiber Food and Drink Mix features a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers from 12 natural, whole-food sources, including whole oats, fruits, and vegetables, because different types of fiber confer different health benefits.

■ Provides cellulose, hemicellulose, gum, lignin, and pectin — all five types of dietary fiber necessary to maintain good health.

■ Concentrated and delicious. Each serving of All-Natural Fiber Food and Drink Mix provides 8 grams of dietary fiber, plus added protein, fructose and complex carbohydrates for good taste and smooth texture.

■ Exclusive Neo-Polyfibe. Features soy polysaccharide (the “cellular matrix” of the heart of the soybean), blended with specially selected whole oat and acerola cherry fiber, to help absorb cholesterol and carry it out of the body without robbing trace nutrients.

■ Contains no corn or wheat proteins, no preservatives, and no sulfites.

■ Only 1 gram of fat per serving, no cholesterol, and no added salt.

■ Delicious alone, or mixed with favorite foods. Convenient powder can be mixed with water for a low-fat, high-fiber taste treat, or added to favorite drinks and recipes.

■ Naturally sweetened and flavored. Fructose provides wholesome good taste with no added sucrose; whole fruit and nut powders create delectable flavor and texture.



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